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From day one we've defined our relationship being what we made it and made sure to keep the outsiders out. You became my protector thinking i need not one. You became my thought of reason when I could not decide you brought the purpose to this relationship which gave me something to fight for and someone to cherish life for me became a routine and I wasn’t living to make myself happy you taught me how to in this relationship and I thank you. not only do I love the fact that you love me too much I love the fact that God created someone just for me at this time, for these moments and memories that we've shared...In the being of our relationship you told me that you were a very simple man then I did not understand yes you had expectations yes you demanded the basics of a relationship but most importantly was communication. This was something I knew and cared little about now I see why, the more I communicated to you and the more you communicated to me I seen the differences that our relationship had compared to others.
That Thursday when I needed you I felt so alone. That day I felt something wasn’t right besides us not talking I knew something was about to happen. I went home thinking nothing of it I sat there debating if I should leave to go to your school and surprise you but my pride and stubbornness had got the best of me. Replaying the events that took place that night still haunts me. The very thought of me not supposed to be at home but with you will never leave I blamed myself and then that’s when everything went...

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