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Real World Case Study, "Ecourier, Cablecom, and Bryan Cave."

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Question 1:

Information technologies are crucial to an effective business. In this case study, the three companies demonstrated how their businesses were enhanced using information technology. First was eCourier, which delivers packages around London. They wanted to recieve instant feedback of customer satisfaction. eCourier used SeeWhy software to provide them customer data more expediently. The software allowed them to see dormant accounts or booking changes. They saved money by not having to hire staff to monitor whether or not customers where happy with the service they recieved.

Cablecom also was interested in more efficiently tracking customer satisfaction. In their case, statistical software was used to filter out anomolies. They discovered that the use of survey research in conjuction with statistical software gave a more accurate look at customer satisfaction. Using these two software products allowed them to focus on retaining happy customers and mending relationships with unhappy clients.

The last company was the law firm of Bryan Cave. They were looking for an alternative to the hourly fee model used by most law firms. Their clients were requesting "fixed pricing and pricing that was adjusted during a project" (Textbook, pg 6). Bryan Cave had spreadsheets that broke down the collection of fees as well as profits, however, they were unnecessarily complicated and confusing. They used business intelligent tools to help "lawyers track budgets in real time so that they could quickly make adjustments" (Textbook, pg 6). This led to enhanced profitability for Bryan Cave as well as improvement in hours worked by the firms fee earners.

Question 2:

Almost any organization would benefit from the proper implementation of business intelligence technology. Being that I work in health care, I will focus on that sector for...

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Real World Case Study, "Ecourier, Cablecom, and Bryan Cave."

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