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REAL WORLD PHYSICS Did you know that Physics and Sports cannot be separated? In sports, athletes need to apply the concepts of Physics. But the application of Physics is not just limited to the machineries but also on how people should move the parts of their body. If successfully applied, well it can increase an athlete’s performance. But there are far more reasons why I believe Physics is a spectator of sports: firstly the physics of ice skating or figure skating which was shown in the movie Ice Princes that I recently watched; second, the physics of playing basketball and lastly, the physics of archery. To start off, the movie Ice Princess is the perfect example wherein Physics was applied into sports. Remember Isaac Newton’s first law of motion? Which states: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. (Mckinley, 2000) It is also known as inertia, and the very main reason why ice skaters glide smoothly on ice with the help of friction simply because there is less friction on ice. It is truly amazing on how the girl in the movie successfully applied Physics in figure skating. Another argument I have is, when your playing basketball. Physics is applied and can be seen when basketball players shoot the ball into the ring. As seen in the viral game angry birds, it basically shows and applies the concept of projectile motion wherein before the bird flies, a force must be exerted just like what basketball players do before they shoot the ball. Gravitational force can also be related to basketball by the simple fact that gravity is what causes the ball to go in the basket and it’s also the one which allows you to dribble. (George, 2005) Last but not the least, Archery. A very interesting sport in which a lot of people are fond of. As easy as it seems, however, it is actually a sport that depicts a lot of physics principles. In line with this, people should do a massive calculation and estimate where the arrow will travel in order to hit the bull’s eye. This clearly shows the Law of Universal Gravitation proposed by sir Isaac Newton (Loone, 2001) which is a very important physics law. In conclusion, an athlete must take into consideration of everything that surrounds him like the wind, gravity and many more before firing the arrow. Although I must say that, some people’s mindset towards sports is that all you need is passion and ability. I certainly agree; However, I also believe that if you understand physics and apply it, you can do better at sports. Also almost every sports uses Physics. Perhaps you just don’t see it. Open your eyes and see how is Physics used everyday. Now imagine this, sports without Physics: a figure skater cant glide smoothly on ice because of no friction, a basketball player can’t dribble the ball because there is no gravitational pull, and archery without Physics well those arrows won’t hit that bulls eye; Now do you realize how physics is connected to sports? So as a conclusion, sports are connected to Physics ‘till the end and besides no sport can be successfully played without physics in it. I firmly believe that Physics is truly a spectator of sports.

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