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Real World Quadratic Functions

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Real World Quadratic Functions
Christine Sandoval
MAT222: Intermediate Algebra (ACR1438C)
Instructor: Yvette Gonzalez-Smith
October 10, 2014

Real World Quadratic Functions In some types of business being able to solve real world quadratic functions are very important. When we think about the quadratic curves I would point to curves known as the circle, ellipse, hyperbola and parabola (Dugopolski, 2012). I at first thought this was something that came about during my time but these actual quadratic curves came about during the ancient Greek times but they now have more real world applicability than one would think. Quadratic equations described the orbits where the planets moved round the Sun but also furthered advances in astronomy (Budd & Sangwin, 2004). A long time ago Galileo found some type of link between quadratic equations and acceleration (2004). I would believe that being able to solve real world quadratic problems are important in business because we should be able to show a return on investment or profit. We need to be able to analyze the accounts payable and receivable to determine how the business looks. Quadratic functions are not only used in business they are used in science and engineering just to name a couple of areas. Our task today is not only to show how important it is to understand quadratic functions but also to explain how important they are in business.
When we think about quadratic functions we may think about the u-shape of the parabola which may help us solve some word problems dealing with bouncing balls, satellite dishes, or model rockets. In business these functions will help us to show or forecast business profits and losses, moving objects, and determine the minimum and maximum values of expressions. As humans we are known to take the little things for granted but if people such as Galileo were not around to...

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