Reality Gets Better

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Reality Gets Better
What is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?
Virtual reality computer programs are designed to simulate real life. The user wears special clothing and head gear that allows them to be completely immersed in the program. The clothing helps them to navigate through the system because it takes the body movements of the user and communicated that to the computer. For example, if you are taking a virtual tour of a house and you want to walk to the next room your feet moving communicate to the computer the direction to take you.
Augmented reality is technology that allows the user to enhance visualization of reality. It takes real life images and enhances them with graphics to give the user a different perspective of reality. A great example of this is used in the medical field. During surgery they can use augmented reality software to superimpose ultrasound images on the patient to help the surgeon know where the problem is. Of course it is used in our everyday or at least every weekend life when we watch sports and they show those lines on the field showing where the first down goal is (Laudon, 2010).
Why is augmented reality so appealing to marketers?
Marketing is a business that is all about appealing to the customer. How do you get the attention of the consumer? You have the flashier ads and the attention getting signs. How about having the newest technology available to consumers? Augmented reality is a new technology and is just beginning to be available in areas like marketing. The applications for this technology are fast becoming available on mobile phones, which are the essential tool of anyone on the go.
What makes augmented reality useful for real estate shopping applications?
Real estate is going to be a business that can really benefit…...