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Reality Tv Consumes Lives

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In this paper, I will argue that reality television shows are produced merely for entertainment purposes and not for vicarious living through the principals of frontiersmanship. While reality television programs do provide some form of education, it is up to the viewer to differentiate between the notable and poor aspects of the reality television star’s life. In the popular TV show Jersey Shore, the American reality television series that premiered on MTV in December 2009, eight housemates spend their summer in the Jersey Shore in New Jersey. The show is heavily based on an Italian-American stereotype referred to as “Guidos” and “Guidettes.” Every episode includes alcohol and drama, which are typically directly related to one another. Rather than viewing their actions as an example of how to live your life in an improper fashion, it’s the viewer’s responsibility to establish the differences between right and wrong. Reality television shows typically exceed social norms, to attract a large number of viewers. A program where people are paid to act in a certain, bad mannered behavior is more likely to attract an audience than a program of an average family performs average actions and lives an average life style. Since such lifestyles are usually unattainable to the average American, some people may tend to live their life vicariously through a television program. In Jersey Shore Season 1 (Season 1, Episode 4: “Fade To Black”), two of the characters in the episode, Paul DelVecchio and Michael Sorrentino, mainly referred to as “Pauly D” and “The Situation” respectively, bring to their household two females with intent of nothing other than having sexual intercourse. Through the principals of frontiersmanship, it’s the viewer’s responsibility to recognize that attempting to live in this lifestyle could result in a negative outcome—such as transmittance of various…...

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