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What is a research paper?

The research paper is a presentation in a well organized discussion of the opinions, conclusions or information derived from extensive study and investigation of the work of others.

Other Names

1. Term paper – refers to a project that summarizes or demonstrates mastery of the work of a term or semester

2. Report – refers to a thorough records or description of the results of first hand experiences or reading in primary sources

3. Thesis – commonly refers to a substantial research project for the master’s or undergraduate paper

4. Dissertation – research paper submitted by a candidate for the doctoral degree

5. Reading paper

6. Library paper

Purposes of research paper

1. To learn to use the library efficiently

2. To develop habits of purposeful reading and note taking

3. To learn to organize the information taken from various sources and develop into a unified composition

Steps in research writing

1. Step one- select your subject area – must be guided by your interest and curiosity; check on different sources – reference books, card catalog, periodical indexes, and electronic sources like the internet

2. Step two – make your working bibliography

Bibliography – formal list of books, articles and other sources from which the materials of your paper are drawn.

Proper bibliographic forms

Book by one author

Padilla, Cabrina (2015) Enriching Oral Communication Skills. Quezon City: Abiva Publishing House, Inc.

Book by 2-3 authors
Serrano, Josephine and Milagros Lapid (2012). English Communication Arts and Skills through World Literature . Quezon City :Phoenix Publishing House.

Book by 4 or more authors
Coronel, Iluminada, et al (2012). Mathematics 10. Manila : Book Mark Inc.

NOTE: If the place of publication and the publisher’s name are not given, write only n.p. and...

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