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Module Title: | Research Methods | | Module Leader email: | | | Module Code: | BA70020E | Level: | 7 (Masters) | Credits: | Academic Year: | 2012/ 2013 | |

School: | West London School of Business | Field: | Post Graduate International Business Management |

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Section A - Overview and Content Page 4

Module Leader and Team details


Office hours / contact details

Administrative and Technical support


Venue / rooms

Module information

Content of the module

Aims of the module

Learning outcomes

Learning resources


Section B – Module programme Page 8

Section C – Assessment and Feedback Page 19

Assessment schedule (including deadlines for submission)

Formative assessment opportunities and feedback

Plagiarism regulations

Evaluation of the module

Frequently asked questions

Appendix 1 Research presentation: marking criteria for MAHRM & Top up students, MBA, Msc, MIBM.

Appendix 2 Research Proposal: marking criteria for MAHRM & ‘Top up’ students, MBA, Msc, MIBM.

Details of Module leader

Name | Sharif Sheriff | Field & School | Postgraduate IBM Field West London School of Business | Email | | Phone | 0208 231 2243 | Location | Paragon Site – The Annex – 2nd floor |

Details of Module Team Members

Name | Lyn Greaves | David Mackory | Caroline Walsh | School | West London International Business School | West London International Business School | West London International Business School | Email | |

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