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Reasoned Action

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Visit the Gap web site at and examine either the virtual style section or the current advertising section. Discuss the types of beliefs and attitudes you think this information would create. What effects might these beliefs and attitudes have on consumers’ behavioral intentions? (Use the Theory of Reasoned Action to guide your thinking and your answer.)

This is a review and application question with a web exercise. Fishbein and Ajzen’s Theory of Reasoned Action is a powerful model for analyzing and understanding the factors that influence voluntary, overt behaviors. Students need to understand the basic components of the model and the logic that underlies their interrelationships.

Exhibit 6.6 in the text clearly presents the major components of the model and their interrelationships. Students should be able to discuss these "flows of influence." The theory of reasoned action identifies two main influences on behavioral intentions--Aact and SN that is attitudes toward the action and subjective norms.

Different promotional strategies, such as those used by The Gap, can try to change consumers’ attitudes and/or their subjective norms. For instance, if the weak BI is due to negative attitudes toward purchasing clothing from The Gap, advertising needs to focus on the specific negative beliefs about the consequences of buying and using the product. Alternatively, The Gap could try to use social influences to impact subjective norms by communicating social acceptability by wearing clothing from The Gap.

7. Use the example of “The Gap” to distinguish between the multi-attribute attitude model and the theory of reasoned action. How could each model contribute to the development of a more effective marketing strategy at The Gap?

This review and applications question forces students...

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