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Reasons Not To Vaccinate Children

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When most people are babies, they go to the doctor and get immunizations or vaccines. People get vaccines to protect themselves from harmful diseases like polio, smallpox, and the measles. Now parents are starting not to vaccinate their children because they fear the vaccines. When vaccines were first introduced people went to get them right away because they knew the terrible results those diseases can bring. Now those diseases are gone, and parents do not know what they can do to a child. Although some may argue that vaccinating babies and young children is a bad idea, it is actually good because it protects others, prevents outbreaks, and they are not harmful to most children. Vaccines have been around for a while. The word vaccine …show more content…
It is normal to have a low grade fever after getting a vaccine, and could even last for a few days. However there have been some cases of more severe reactions . One mother say she does not need to vaccinate her children because they eat healthy and stay home if they are even a little sick (Foxhall, 2105). This is good because the kids are healthy, but some people do not show symptoms of being sick and still pass diseases onto others. Some parents are worried about how many vaccines their babies are getting at one time. This is easily solved by just spacing them out over a longer time. Some parents just do not want all of the chemicals in their children. They do not want healthy children to get sick. Watching children die from vaccine preventable diseases is much worse than having them get the shot ( Foxhall, 2015). Parents see healthy children and do not want to vaccinate, but they do not see the unhealthy children. Although some parents may argue that vaccines are awful they are not because they protect children. With all the evidence showing that vaccines are beneficial for the population, not harmful to children, and prevent outbreaks, it is is apparent people should be vaccinated. A way to make all people get vaccines is to require them unless a child is considered medically unfit for vaccines. This is already required in some states, and requiring them in all states would beneficial. Why would parents risk having little kids develop life threatening diseases when they could get a vaccine? Parents can make sure children are happy and healthy just by making sure that they get their

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