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“Reassignment of Employees - A Tool of Oppression and Harassment; the PPC Experience”

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Mr. Carmelo Rico S. Bihasa
Professor, Foundation of Public Administration
Graduate School of Management
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila

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Foundation of Public Administration
May 26, 2012

I. Introduction:

Reassignment of employees in the government is a common and ordinary thing. It happens in most branches of the government, more particularly in the local government units where politics plays a bigger role. We heard a lot of stories and complaints about the subject, some people simply accepted it as fate, while others challenged it in judicial and/or quasi-judicial tribunals. But, the social and cultural menace it brings in the administration of government organizations and to the parties involved is like a dreaded disease that infects the entire government service. That, in spite of the limitations set forth by law to prevent it, the more it grows like cancer.

The paper wish to share selected cases and notable experiences of employees in the Philippine Postal Corporation hereinafter referred to, as the PPC with the end in view of finding a more suitable and permanent solution to the problem. This is a case where a state policy that ought to protect public officers and employees were used in an abusive manner for personal aggrandizement and satisfaction of whims and caprices of superiors.

It is the author’s desired commitment to impart a fair, balanced and unbiased presentation of facts to the readers with high regard and respect to the basic rights of the employees and officials alike; extending herewith his sympathy and support to the concerned employees for what they have gone through on what seemed to be a nightmare in their government careers.

II. Legal Basis and Leading…...