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Rebels Stereotypes

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Introduction Are you from tenesses cause you are the only ten I see. That is something a bad boy would say to a lady or to a women walking down the street. Or on the other hand a bad girl can tell that phase to a boy or a men pasting by them. In this essay the reader is going to be able to known and identify the stereotypes of rebels. The reader is also going to known the stereotypes of rebel teenage girls and teenage boys. The bad boy and the bad girls are seen in movies and in television shows and they are known as the rebels. The rebels in movies and in television shows are shown as impulsive, negative attitudes, girls getting pegerent, boys doing delinquents, teenagers being bullies, and the rebels have their own dressing style. For …show more content…
Girls’ seeing this in television shows and in the movies has cause accidents rates to increase, “From 1980 to 2004, between the ages 18 through 20” (pg.4). Many scholars believe that the increase in teenage girls delinquents have been increasing because of emotion changes and because of girls going through changes with their bodies. On the contrary many scholars believe and stated that it is the media that is having teenage girls an impact. Seeing and watching ads, shows, movies, music videos, and magazines with females acting bad in public and getting in trouble with the law is sending a message that it is okay to act bad in public and to get in trouble with the law. When teenage girls do get in trouble with the law their behavior starts to have an impact and people will notice their bad behavior. “Girls today face greater struggles in maintaining a sense of self, confronting complex, often contradictory, sets of behavioral scripts that specify what is appropriate, acceptable, or possible for girls to do” (Miller,kerig, leve, p.5). That is why many researcher stated that media does have an impact on teenage girls because they are seeing some many images a …show more content…
Many teenagers see and hear so much advertisements a day that many believe that they should act like the models or actors in television shows, reality shows, and movies. The media has made teenagers think a certain way and to believe what the media wants them to believe. Many teenagers do not think about the consequences because the media does not show the negative side of the shows or movies, the media just shows the fun and entertainment. The media has not only affect teenager’s believes and thoughts, but many teenagers see the media as part of their culture and it is necessary to be social. Without the media teenagers believe they cannot make friends or be part of something. Without the media the teenagers do not have an identity. Nowadays many teenagers cannot live with out any type of media, teenagers are always carrying some type of electronic device on them, such as, a cell phone, ipad, ipod, mp3, tablet, etc. At this moment of time everywhere you go you see teenagers walking with their heads down because they are looking at their cellphones or they are on their tablets, that is why many teenagers are hit by cars or they bump into people because they are not looking up, they are stuck on their electronic

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