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Developing Good Business Sense
Lizadora Jones
Bus 210

The operations and materials management process are a set of specific rules, a company follows in order to properly maintain the flow of inbound material, production and outbound products. The operation part of any business company is the attempt to create value to material that comes into a business. In addition to creating value to material, it is also a set of procedures to turn the material into finished goods or services.
Within the operational procedure of any business, the employees must work together in a cohesive manner or the process will fail. In a fast-food restaurant environment, the person working the counter taking costumer orders must maintain the flow of orders being sent back to the prep-cooks. The pre-cooks must insure that the food is prepared the customer specs as quickly as possible. Once the food has been prepared, it must be packaged and delivered to the costumer. In order to insure the customer is satisfied with the product enough to want to want to return, all these employee must function together as a team or else the producers are worthless. The three companies I selected for this assignment are McDonalds, Bose Corporation and Motorola. From the reading I was able to determine the employee’s organizational structure within this company’s by which they complete their jobs. I will review and outline the main kinds of Operations and Materials Management (OMM) processes these companies use, and how it affects their operations. Also, I will discuss how companies design their operating systems to give them a competitive advantage. I will identify which components of operations and materials management costs and the methods companies use to reduce them.

McDonald’s is a highly successful and well recognized brand leader of fast food restaurants located around the world....

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