Recent Trends in Viral Marketing

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2010 looks to be the biggest year ever for online marketing. With more and more marketers demanding results-based advertising, it is no wonder viral marketing is becoming one of the fastest-growing trends. Nothing captures the essence of viral marketing better than the description of how a virus grows. It is uncanny in its ability to remain shrouded in secrecy till it wins by sheer weight of numbers. It piggybacks on other hosts, and grows by feeding on their resources, not its own. It doesn’t need to mate- it replicates itself. And with the right kind of environment, it can grow exponentially, as can be seen by the 1’s above. Viral Marketing, naturally, is something that draws upon these fundamental characteristics of a virus- exponential growth with minimum use of one’s own resources. It refers to any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a ‘message’ to other individuals, who in turn pass it on to other people, and so on and so forth, thereby allowing for an exponential growth in the popularity and exposure of the message. This paper examines as to how viral marketing can make a brand name stand out from the competition and some strategies important to make viral marketing campaigns unique . The paper identifies trends that will increase the likelihood of a successful online viral marketing campaign and demonstrate how these strategies market. With a discussion on how the risks and rewards of a viral campaign differ from those of a conventional campaign, the paper explains why viral marketing is increasingly viewed as a tactic rather than a program in its own right. Finally, the paper examines some of the critical success factors in viral marketing campaigns, and measures these success factors against two viral marketing campaigns

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