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Recidivism is social problems that if left unattended will continue to cost tax payers billions of dollars. It becomes an issue when more jails are being built than schools. Recidivism is problem that directly affects the lives of the working poor class, and the working middle class. We as a society need to reevaluate our disposition and see how this issue, that continues to be a burden on us can remedied. Many alternatives have been given. One that seems the most effective is prison rehabilitation or rehabilitation after incarceration programs. Such programs manly work because they help those who have cause one time offenders , and those who will continue to acts of recidivism gain skills and resources that can be applied after time spent in jail.
According to the Department of Corrections on an article written in The New York Times “Half of all inmates serving city sentences of a year or less are back in jail within a year“. It is my opinion that more needs to be done in order to help these people get there live’s back on track. Kathleen Coughlin, the Correction Department deputy commissioner state in an interview with the New York Times:
Over the past three years, the Correction Department has offered adults-- who make up the bulk of the 13,500 daily inmate population at Rikers --an alternative to being dropped off at Queensborough Plaza, in addition to the option of being picked up by friends or family. Upon release from Rikers, adults can instead get a ride directly to job sited or aftercare programs sponsored by nonprofits. Now some nonprofits that serve the small population of young inmates at Rikers are also offering this option. Experts in the field say aftercare programs are crucial to prevent recidivism.
The question that must be asked is if these programs work so well and experts state that there crucial to prevent recidivism why aren’t there more…...