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Recognizing Faces Paper

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Recognizing Faces Paper

Psych. 560
July 10, 2013
Prof. Pitt

Recognizing Faces Paper
Face recognition develops slowly throughout one’s life. Recognizing a face can be a difficult for the individual and also for the brain system that processes it. The complexity of recognizing individual faces can be a difficult task at times. Recognizing faces also includes looking at an individual’s emotional expression and then being able to take that information and processing it. This paper will analyze the cognitive processes involved with face recognition Face recognition, identification, and classification
Facial identification is essential for recognition of persons in the social context and for recognition of members within our society. The basic process of visual perception includes translating and incoming stimulus into a perception and memory. An individual will initially see an object or a person and this information then gets processed through the brain. Bottom up and top down processing plays a critical role in object recognition.
When we first look at an object we process it, this is called bottom up processing and then we apply previous knowledge to that object which is known as top down processes. There is also a process when we recognize an object; we match an incoming object with stored information that helps us to recognize what is before us.
A study was conducted by Palmer, Rsich and Chase on the perspective effects on recognition. The studied involved showing different perspectives of a car to groups of subjects. It turned out that the subjects recognized the picture that best represented the object. Orientation may or may not matter when it comes to recognizing an object (Robinson-Riegler, 2008). The way in...

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