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Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT460 Unit: 9 Points: 40

Assignment 9 Outcomes addressed in this activity:      Discuss the systems operation, support, and security phase Describe the different system maintenance types and their importance Critique different backup and disaster recovery options Identify factors that signal the end of the useful life of an information system Discuss future challenges for IT professionals as technology reshapes the workplace

Assignment Instructions: IT460:1-Compare various types of information systems. Please complete the following assignments using MS Word. Save the assignment as Unit 9 Assignment.doc and place it into the Unit 9 Assignment Drop Box. Click here to access the “SCR-TIMS Work Session Link”. Jesse wants a recommendation about an SCR help desk. She said that I can get more information on the Internet. She wants any input by early next week. She said there's lots of information out there on this topic. She wants me suggest a plan for creating an SCR help desk (SCR –TIMS Worksession, Session 12, To Do List, #1). Assignment requirements:     Plan submitted that discusses what a helpdesk offers Discusses internal support options Discusses external support options and shows sample vendors and their options Makes recommendation that details which option is being recommended and why

40 point assignment grading rubric Assignment Requirements Maximum points Points earned

1. Detailed Plan submitted that discusses what a helpdesk offers 2. Discusses internal support
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Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT460 Unit: 9 Points: 40

options. Be specific on how this plan will deliver the items detailed in #1 above. 3. Discusses external support options and shows sample vendors and their options. Be specific on how this plan will deliver the items detailed in #1 above. 4. Make a recommendation that details which option is being recommended and why. It is important to use Case Study data/information that supports your recommended solution. Column Total 0-10



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