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Reconciliation for the Common Good

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Reconciliation for the Common Good
Reconciliation involves building mutually respectful relationships between Indigenous and other Australians that allow us to work together to solve problems and generate success that is in everyone's best interests. The process of Reconciliation formally began as a result of the Report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in 1991. The issue of Reconciliation is of great importance to common good because it helps avoid feelings of revenge, anger and hatred and a commitment to social justice as well as a way to ensure lasting peace and stability and to improve the relationship for the common good. Reconciliation aims to address the inequity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians that was introduced with the colonisation of Australia in 1788.
Some relevant points around Reconciliation for the Common Good are, the referendum laws for Aboriginal people on May 27 1967, the report of the Royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody in 1991, as well as the Formal apology for the members of the stolen generations in 2008.
Reconciliation for the common good was the referendum laws for Aboriginal people on May 27, 1967. It enabled Indigenous people to be included in the census, and it enabled federal parliament the power to make laws in relation to Indigenous people. This meant that Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people were all required to follow the same laws set out by the government, and that Indigenous people would be recognised and counted (in elections and the census) in all states and territories of Australia. The decision of the Australian population was a milestone for Indigenous people as they were finally being recognised as part of the population and the social, economic and political injustices to the Indigenous people were beginning to be addressed by government.
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