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Recreational Hunting

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Recreational Hunting: The Needs and the Wants
Melissa Mosley
COM/156 University Composition and Communications II
Trish Prince

Recreational Hunting: The Needs and the Wants Hunting has been around as long as man has been hungry. With the modernization of times, the necessity of hunting has changed. Hunting is no longer the only way a family can be fed with the meat of the animals, clothed with the hides from the carcus, or houses built with the tools created from the bones of the animals. Although the reasons to hunt have changed, the need has not. Recreational hunting, especially deer hunting, not only controls wildlife populations, it also provides tradition in families and makes their bonds stronger. Managing the population of deer is an important way to decrease the amount of deer vs. automobile accidents. Imagine for a minute, an early morning commute that goes from home to work. Barely light out the path goes along a long stretch of interstate. Driving the recommended speed limit of 70 mph a large male white-tailed deer, a buck, comes out of no where and runs directly into oncoming traffic. Smack! The deer, a once beautiful and majestic creature, goes flying onto the pavement. He is now a bloody pile of fur and bones. A journey for food is now a death sentence. A vehicle, a once prize possession, is now a dented and broken pile of scrap metal. An ever increasing population of deer in the area causing yet another car accident. In 2005, Minnesota alone had a reported 4,127 deer-car accidents. Of the accidents reported that year, 2 people were killed and 400 injured. (Decker 2006) Some will say that deer vs. vehicle accidents only occur during hunting season when hunters push the deer out of their natural habitats and into roadways. According to statistics from the Georgia State Department of Transportation, the peak...

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