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Recruitment and Selection Recommendations

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To: Traci Goldeman
CC: Marylee Luther
Subject: Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations
Here are our recommendations for recruitment and selection strategies for Clapton construction.

Organizational Goals
Clapton Construction should think of its recruiting strategy as a model that drives the outcomes of hiring and staffing efforts. The outcomes Clapton is trying to attain should focus in the organizational goals of the company.
Atwood and Allen consulting suggest that Clapton focus on the following goals:
• Quality of new hires (better fit team players who stay longer)
• Establish recruiting metrics
• Flexibility in meeting both peak recruiting demands and normal operational requirements
• Premier hiring candidate experience
Do not create a recruiting strategy in a vacuum. Clapton should treat the formation of its recruiting plan in the same manner it would approach the development of a financial plan or marketing plan (Cascio W.F., 2013).
It is essential to align the business side of Clapton Construction lined up with the recruiting goals and strategies.

Forecasted Demographic Changes
Arizona being a southwestern state is particularly affected by immigration and demographic changes. Population growth from the year 1990 thru 2012 was over 29% (Census Bureau, 2010). Most of this growth was in the Phoenix area was among illegal aliens from South and Central America (Census Bureau, 2010).
The surge in population is mostly attributed to illegal immigrants who were responding to jobs in the construction industry that where going unfilled by U.S. born residents (The Huffington Post, 2014). This growth is Arizona in general, and Phoenix in particular is projected to continue until at least the year 2050. Clapton will be dealing with these demographics along with the rest of the construction business in Arizona....

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