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Assessment 3 1. Information to be included in the induction booklet * Welcome and basic introduction to the company * The business: mission, organizational structure organizational chart, future developments among others * Define areas; description of the position, required job training, scheme that recognize and reward outstanding employees, and procedure for airing out grievances among others * Employee consultation; consultative committees, newsletters, as well as corporate communication and briefing arrangements among others * Conditions of employment; these include contract terms, leave entitlement, flexible work procedures, and medical statement among others * Employee benefits/facilities; they include social clubs, flexible work practices, financial counseling, child care, employee discounts among others * Building/security: A guide tour of the building/business premises, parking, entrances and exits, staff facilities (toilets and lunch areas), telephone, local shops for meal, security procedures among others 2. Induction checklist for new staff
Prior to your employee starting work
New staff’s first day is quite vital; therefore, you should start planning early to ensure proper organization of the induction process
Ensure you have: * informed the staff before their first day where, when and who they should report to and whether they need to bring any tools or equipment * conducive induction section and any uniforms (if necessary) * a returned, signed copy of the letter of engagement (or employment contract) * a completed Tax file number declaration form (unless declined by employee) * bank account details of the new staff * emergency contact details of the new staff * if a working visa is required – a copy of the employee’s passport and visa – you will need to do a visa check
On the first day (or soon after)...

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