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Recruitment Plan

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Recruitment Plan

Recruitment Plan

Organizational Strategy
The recruitment process should be more oriented to organizational strategy than other industries because attitude of employee in hospitality industry would directly affect customer relationships. According to Ivanovic & Blazevic (2009), “An enterprises human assets or, put more conventionally, its human resources tend to be one the most significant costs for most hospitality enterprises (p. 1). In most hotels the payroll is the single biggest cost item, which in restaurants and bars is usually second material cost. Furthermore, human resources are usually the first point of contact between an enterprise and its customers.” According to Hospitality Ireland, “Getting properly trained staff in 'for the long-haul' is more difficult (p. 1). As chef Derry Clarke told us in an interview last May, ‘the main challenge the restaurant industry faces is increasing labor costs and maintaining a good work force.
Unfortunately, this is the type of business where a large amount of chefs remain employed for six months and then move on.’ Restaurants aren't alone; staff shortages affect all areas of the hospitality trade.” An effective recruitment strategy for the organization is essential to the success of the enterprise. Before selecting detailed recruitment plans, it is important to consider what managers do so that the development plans meet the needs of the organization and of the individual. If the organization employs an individual who does not correspond with organizational values the company will be unproductive.
In the hospitality industry a major responsibility of the managers is to decide how to distribute fairly among all employees the money set aside for payment of staff. Managers should make decision by benchmarking what competitors are paying, what has been historically the employer’s...

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