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Recruitment & Selection Process of Mutual Trust Bank Limited

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1.1 Background of the Study
In a developing country like Bangladesh, the banking system as a whole has a vital role to play in the progress of economic development. The number of local commercial banks and foreign banks is increasing day by day. This rapid expansion of the financial market has created immense competition among the existing local and foreign banks. The core business of a bank is providing various services (collecting deposits, lending money, foreign exchange services etc.) directly to the customers. All the banks are now very much concern for providing better services to survive in the competitive environment. In this report I will explore how effectively MTBL is providing the Recruitment & Selection Process. In this report, I will identify Employer’s expectations about Mutual Trust Banks’ services and the services they actually receive from the bank. I will also find out whether there is any service gap and will recommend for minimizing the gap to enhance its service quality. I believe this report will be helpful for me to gain practical knowledge “Recruitment & Selection Process”operations as it has a great contribution in the growth of our economy.

1.2 Rational of the Study
I am proposing this topic because; the information on employee Recruitment & Selection process of MTBL is accessible for me from the Branch and corporate offices. And as a HR internship student I need to work on such a topic which is directly related with my subject of study, so I have chosen Recruitment & Selection Process, to meet the internship requirement and to enrich my HR knowledge. As I want to be HR professional in future so, I think the learning from this topic will provide me some real life ideas and knowledge on designing a Recruitment & selection program in future for the employees working in banking sectors.…...

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