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Recruitment & Selection Guide

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1. Purpose of the Procedure
2. Recruitment and Selection Framework A. Overview of the process B. Review the job and the need for it C. Search Committees D. Flow Charts
3. Request for Personnel Action
4. Advertising A. Job Posting B. Employee Priority Posting
5. Selection Process A. Screening Applications B. Arranging the Interview C. Interviewing D. Selection Tests E. Hiring Decision F. Reference Checks G. Background checks H. Pre-employment Drug Screening I. Disqualifications J. Employment Offer K. Post Interview Follow-up
6. Positions Requiring A Search Committee A. Selecting Committee Members B. The Role of the Chair and the Committee C. Hiring Decision D. Communication with Candidates E. Search File

September 20, 2007 Edition


APPENDIX 1: Position Management Form

APPENDIX 2: Candidate Criteria Chart (example)

APPENDX 3: Interview Schedule (example)

APPENDIX 4: Guidelines for Developing Interviewing Questions

APPENDIX 5: Questions to Avoid During the Interview

APPENDIX 6: Examples of Acceptable/Discriminatory Questions

APPENDIX 7: Questions to Ask Supervisors/Managers

APPENDIX 8: Questions to Ask Support Staff

APPENDIX 9: Behavioral Interviewing Questions

APPENDIX 10: Employment Reference Request

APPENDIX 11: Education Verification Checklist


Recruiting and selecting the right people is paramount to the success of Valdosta State University and its ability to retain a workforce of the highest quality. This Recruitment and Selection Procedure provides guidelines and policies to assist supervisors hire the best people on merit and that the recruitment process is free from bias and...

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