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Assessment Title: Assessment 1 Individual Report

Learning Outcomes
The Aim of this Assessment is to meet the following Learning Outcome:

1. Appraise established theories of people management with appreciation of the organisational context.

This is an individual assessment examining an aspect of interpersonal behaviour. It is essential that the behaviour examined is related to the organisational context in the Case Study below. You will apply appropriate theories from the Individual Skills that we have explored in Weeks 1-8 to analyse interactions between individuals, draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvement.
For example, you might want to explore the implications for leaders or managers and workers, of:
Recruitment & Selection
Individual differences
Learning and Development
Perception and Decision-making
Conflict handling
It is essential that your analysis is in-depth and you are required to examine issues of interpersonal behaviour in the Case Study located on school website in the Assessment 1 folder. Using theories & models explored in this unit so far, what might you recommend to improve the quality of interpersonal behaviour in the given situation?
Describe the theories identified
Demonstrate your understanding of relevant theories as covered in the unit and your wider reading around the subject area. For example, if your report is about conflict handling you might wish to discuss the conflict process. If your report is about perception, you might use Attribution Theory and discuss some of the shortcuts associated with perception of others. If you are basing your report on other topics covered you will, of course, need to use theories appropriate to that topic.
Application of Theory and Analysis
Apply the theories to your chosen topic and THINK!! Undertake an in-depth analysis based on the...

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