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Rectuitment Model

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Importance of Recruitment Model

In my research will be discussing “What basic principles should an organization follow to develop a selection program that is both legally defensible and ensures hiring the most qualified applicants?” I will get more in depth the importance of what I call a Recruit Model, which is a process when finding a candidate for the job. I have laid out citations of 6 basic principles of what I think is a Recruit Model. To me I believe it is very important to have when it comes to hiring someone and maintaining a legal action on why we did hire them and why we didn’t. It is found that a majority of U.S. companies are always announcing plans to rebuild and eliminate their work force due to the economic. Which means that the company is not containing enough profit to maintain its structure. I have researched that “within the two month period of 2000 and 2001, there was job cut off of 275,921 employees. Which then reported that the U.S. Department of Workforce Services held the increase of layoffs. Meaning that companies had let go 50 or more employees at once, than sadly rose another 54% in the las year of 2000.” (, 2002)
Though, in many companies there is always a risk and debating on who should go or stay, and not knowing who is really required for the long-term. Without a well-structured and work communicated recruiting model to help make those decision, it will always seem that whatever choice they make will seem random and unfair. Therefore, having a good recruiting model upon the companies change will surely ensure that the company is in good hands in those decisions.
Like every other company making the change always leads to staffing. Every time the company starts stressing over profit, sales, and loss they always come to the conclusion in letting go employees will make things easier and start hiring new...

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