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Recycling Proposal

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The Real World of Recycling
Imagine a world where the water supply, ocean vitality, and temperate eco system have all lost their genetic diversity because we taint their home with our waste. Imagine if Earth’s natural resources were diminished because we couldn’t do one simple task. What if I told you, you could do something as simple as putting paper, bottles, jugs, and cardboard into a blue bin called a recycling bin. What if I told you that “consumers recycle only one of every five plastic drink bottles used” (Barnes 1). A culture of littering was nearly accepted by older generations. Today, Americans represent “5% of the world’s population but generates 30% of the world’s garbage” (UtahRecycles 1). This shows that we talk way more than we actually show in the U.S. I believe that the U.S Government should enforce recycling classes so that students will be more educated and think twice when they recycle because people feel that recycling is optional and not needed. It would inform you about what to recycle, how to recycle, and what not to do. Oregon State University has already begun online classes for students interested in recycling. Classes would be required just like taking a health class and enforced to 6th graders and only have to be for a semester because just like taking care of our own bodies, we need to take care of the Earth’s body.
First, taking a recycling class can show you that recycling requires minimal consumer involvement for maximum return. For example, for paper products can be recycled unless it’s contaminated with bodily fluids such as napkins. Recycling paper, reduces demand by using less energy instead of using new wood every time. Also, items we wouldn’t expect such as glass except light bulbs and mirror/window glass can be recycled but it needs to be cleaned out. Classes can inform...

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