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Red Bull Stratos Analysis

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Red Bull Stratos occurred on 14 October 2012 in New Mexico, USA, and it is commonly considered to be a milestone in the evolution of marketing.
Red Bull athlete Felix Baumgartner has jumped towards Earth, from a helium balloon, from an altitude of 39 km. He is the first (known) human being breaching the sound barrier while descending, without any form of engine or inertial support, and surviving this endeavour.
The jump qualifies not just as a PR stunt but it is, up to date, the greatest example of content marketing creation and dissemination.
The immediate effect consisted in: * 8 million concurrent views on YouTube live; * Two threads on the front page of Reddit; * 2.000.000 unique consumers actions; * 1.000.000 distinct Stratos participants; * 2.000.000 new subscribers; * 820.000 pieces of extremely positive content created; * 400% increase over average length of consumers engagement; * 50.000 distinct links shared; * 61.634.000 trusted impressions generated; * At its apex, some 1% of all online conversations worldwide were about Baumgartner, Red Bull and Stratos Mission

2. THE PROBLEM i. The objective
Red Bull didn’t communicate any formal objectives of the Stratos mission therefore, even for the scholastic purpose of the case analysis those are unknown and may only be assumed.
Being a marketing focused analysis, it must be mentioned that Red Bull is considered notoriously press and publicity averse ("Our approach towards communications is that we don't...

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