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Red Bull and Rockstar are competitors in a growing market place that will be worth $1,826,300,000 by 2009 (Snapshorts International LTD). The energy drink market had been growing exponentially; but in the recent years growth has been decreasing. How can energy drinks cope with a dwindling market place? Along with dwindling growth, competitors Red Bull and Rockstar have to deal with smaller startup companies trying to steal market share. This report will analyze market share reports from Snapshots International LTD, as well as many other sources. One company that wasn’t even on the top 5 list in 2005, Monster, is now the second biggest competitor in the market place in 2009. Is there a correlation between energy drinks that sponsor sports events or more of a correlation to sponsored athletes? This report will also examine Price, Place, Product and Promotion that Red Bull and Rockstar use. There is a 50/50 split with energy drinkers and non drinkers alike, how can energy drinks expand their sales outside of the energy drink market. This report will also analyze results from Google trends which shows a graphical analysis of search hits.

Along with secondary research, this report also includes a primary research section. Included in this section is a survey posted to Survey With 100 respondents this survey finds out the primary concerns and preferences of energy drink consumers and non-drinkers as well. Broken down within this section are results from Red Bull drinkers, Rockstar drinkers, non-drinkers, as well as those who drink energy drinks only 1-2 times per week and those who drink energy drinks regularly at least once a day.
Statement of Information Needs

Red Bull entered the United States market in 1997. Before Red Bull, only beverages such as coffee and soda were used by consumers to get energy. Red Bull continues to enjoy a comfortable 40%…...

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