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Reeducate the Opposers "Made in China"

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Ying Chen and Pauline are best friends for life. They shop, travel, and go everywhere together. In times past, Ying was with Pauline and they planned to go to a clothes shop. While looking at the shirts, Pauline said loudly to herself that Ying can hear her, “I wonder why mountains of things are made in China.” Pauline truly hated Chinese products. Ying and Pauline entered Apple store. Pauline noticed there is always texts that read “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.” Pauline scratched her head, feeling a little upset. She said to Ying, “Why does everything in the world made in China? They are so ‘cheap’ and ‘annoying.’ They also have a horrible qualities.” Ying felt like Pauline had insulted her. Ying was a little upset as well. Ying decided to take her to Indian and Canadian supermarkets. She even took her to Kiribatian store (which sells Kiribati [an island in pacific ocean] products). Ying finally said, “I know a lot of things are made in China. But they are not that bad.” Pauline just nodded even though she totally opposed Ying’s point. She won’t even bother to listen to Ying.
One day Pauline sat in her balcony. She truly enjoyed the outside view from her balcony. Besides that, she really loves her house. It’s her utopia. She feels like she wants to die if she is not in her exquisite home. She loved how the balcony is shaped in a genius way. She also admired where the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living room are placed.
Pauline shouted “Mooooooooom!!” from the balcony. She was curious about the history of her home. Then she asked her mother, “mom, who built this house?”
Pauline’s mother answered innocently, “honey, why do you ask?”
Pauline replied, “well, I found this house very beautiful and nice.”
Her mother chuckled, “oh, really? okay. A long time ago, before you were even born, I had a best friend called Ming. She then married to a constructor whose name is Bei. Then your dad and I asked him to build our house because he has built the Empire State and World Trade Center in the past. Of course he is Chinese – no doubt about it!”
Pauline felt a little uneasy about this topic now that she finds out who built her house. Her little heart says it’s not as bad as you think, isn’t it? At the end Pauline, who opposed ‘Made in China’, now work at the chinese factory located in Pao Lin.

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