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Using the Harvard Referencing Style

The Harvard referencing style is an author-date system very widely used around the world. Many universities recommend the use of this format system, as it offers an easy way of reading academic works and facilitating the finding of bibliographic references. The Harvard referencing style is used in almost any type of paper: from term papers, literature reviews, theoretical and empirical studies, to methodological articles, or other types of academic writings. Its main purpose is to provide an easy way of referencing sources in order to avoid suspicions of plagiarism and reinforcing the credibility of authors. Manner of referencing There are a number of sources you can cite within an academic paper: books, journals, Internet websites or newspaper articles are the most frequent. In order for the readers of your paper to pinpoint the original material, the Harvard referencing style consists of two elements, namely in-text citations and detailed references. In-text citations are the mentioning between brackets the author’s name and the date in which his or her book has been published. There are a number of rules regarding in text citations: They need to be consistently presented all through your written paper. 0203 551 6667 Custom essays, dissertations, coursework and assignments.


As stated above, in-text citations are written within round brackets, and normally found at the end of the sentence, before its concluding punctuation. Nevertheless, if a citation refers to a particular part of the sentence, the in-text citation needs to be inserted at the end of the respective clause. Another rule is that when an author’s name is included in the sentence, the citation appears directly after the name of the respective author.


When there are more authors of a publication, their names appear in...

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