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~ p~ina7echni cal





(~'P-elimlnary'!Handbookwon A. /m'cCall,
Gene F./Waiters

Software Quality for an


'4 Paul K./RichA'rds
-General Electric Company
.,..... . 4-

Approved for public release; distribution unlimited.

ROME AIR DEVELOPMENT CENTER Air Force Systems Command Griffiss Air Force Base, New York 13441

This report has been reviewed by the PADC Information Office (01) and is releasable to the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). At NTIS it will be releasable to the general public, including foreign nations. RADC-TR-77-369, Vo] III (of three) has been reviewed and approved for publication.






ALAN R. BARNUM, Assistant Chief information Sciences Division

FOR THE COMMANDER: JOH" F . HUSS Acting Clief, Plans Office

If your address has changed or if you wish to be removed from the RADC mailing list, or if the addressee is no longer employed by your organization, please notify RADC (ISIS) Griffiss AFB NY 13441. This will assist us in maintaining a current mailing list. Do not return this copy. Retain or destroy.




e En eed)RE



... '


4. TITLE (and Subtlfe)

Vol III (of three)

Final Technical Report



Jul 77


Preliminary Handbook on Software Quality for an Acquisition Manager


Jim A. McCall
Paul K. Richards


Gene F. Walters

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