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Angelicia Wingo
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Education: * PCC Technical Institute Certification in Diagnostic Ultrasound/Vascular
Graduated August 2006-July 2007 * University of Phoenix Online Pursuing Bachelor’s Degree Behavioral Science
Present- December 2012

Work Experience
Healthfair Cardiovascular Technician November 2011- Present * Performing cardiac screenings of 2-D echocardiograms, Carotid arteries, and abdominal aorta * Color flow, echo Doppler diastolic function, and measurements for echocardiogram * Color flow, Doppler, and measurement of CCA, ICA and ECA * Measurements of abdominal aorta Mid Distal and Prox. Sagittal and Transverse views | |
Dr. Alaa Abdel-Meguid Echocardiography Trainee May 2007Dec2007/Present * Performing echocardiograms 2-D echocardiography, color flow, echo Doppler, Diastolic Function, M mode and Stress Echo exams for diagnostic purpose alongside lead echo tech Lisa Quick (13 Year experienced technician) * Orientate and prepare patients on procedures, complete all paperwork pertaining to scans performed

Med 3000, Tinley Park, Il Collection Specialist/AR Team Lead June 2010-Present * Constantly adapt to changes in a fast-paced work environment while supervising a staff of 16 in Accounts Receivable and Collections * Evaluate patient’s financial status and establishes payment plan payments * Provided immediate supervisor with production reports of all specialist on team and feedback on quality * Maintain strictest confidentiality and adhere to all HIPAA guidelines and regulations * Advise patients of balances, insurance payments and adjustments on accounts * Review explanation of benefits to insure proper payments and adjustments from insurance company

Cigna Healthcare Senior Rep/ Team Lead August 2008-June 2010 * Became recognized as Senior Rep within 8 months of hire as a Customer Service Associate, and Team Lead over Customer Service within 1 year * Assisted in new hire training classes as well as assisting upper management with training new material to customer service reps * Multi-tasking between 14 computer systems and managed chats between 10-15 CSAS answering their questions pertaining to patient accounts while occasionally taking patient and provider calls * Managed progression of 10 or more CSAS to help them meet company metrics by proving extra training by conducting meetings with them, provided material to focus on for their success in the company * Assisted Open Call team with research and follow up on special patient accounts * Assist members and providers with understanding benefits and eligibility on medical plan * Discussing claim information regarding payments and adjustments made or needed
Brown & Brown Chevrolet and Hyundai Sales Professional November 2007-August 2008 * Became direct assistant to (secondary finance)finance manager after becoming top sales performer 4 months in a row * Responsible for highlighting features, gathering information, and inspecting * Completed sales training course for sales and effective communications with customers, and trained directly under finance manager
Riverside Medical Center Electrocardiogram Technician October 2000- November 2007 * Perform office duties such as filing, typing reports, handling multi-phone line switch board and registering patients for testing alongside secretary * Perform diagnostic testing, including EKG, 24 holter and event monitoring nuclear medicine chemical testing and treadmill stress testing including dobutamine and persantine stress testing * Basic arrhythmia certificate from Riverside Education Department * Respond to surgery, post-operative, emergency room, telemetry, intensive care patients in cardiac arrest “code 33”

-Willing To Relocate-

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