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Reference Letter Enclosed, please accept this as a formal letter of reference in support of the above-mentioned candidate. I have known him for the last ten years during her high school going. I can truthfully and confidently state that he is a worthy candidate that you will be proud to have as an image of your ideal scholarship.
He is a very dedicated student who cares much about learning on any given subject. As the head of Project Administration (USAID), during the time he volunteered to work with our organization which aims at helping the needy people in the society, our organization working in an environment which is manifested with jiggers, he took an active role in doing a research work on how the menace could be controlled. Thus, he organized for a community outreach program dubbed “Kick Jiggers out”. The targeted audience were students and pupils in different schools who could not afford to achieve their dreams because of jigger manifestation.
Having passion for community work, his ability went beyond deplorable measures. He had the ability to communicate fluently with people from different backgrounds. These necessitated his work well and everywhere he went for a mission the outcome was amazing. His participation in community development enabled him to embrace cultural diversity and interact with people of all walks without discrimination. He has showed analytical aptitude, intelligent, motivation and preserving nature. Additionally, he presented a project to the board of governors which turned to be the best project in relation to the organizations objectives and core values. I am delighted to provide a letter of reference for the scholarship program you represent. I am very confident this award will give him an opportunity to hone his skills I feel convinced that you will be just as impressed with the...

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