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Reflecting back on our teams overall performance, we are satisfied with the success our team has had in conducting meetings and completing tasks. Our differences in culture have helped us learn from each other and discuss assignments from different perspectives. We have been able to successfully complete our group assignments and receive a satisfactory grade for our work. The team’s ability to work together has eased the completion of the assignments in a timely manner.
As a team we help one another with assignments. We also gave each other mutual support by providing positive feedback on how to improve upon our weaknesses to establish good working and personal relationships. Each Tuesday after class, we would decide on a date and time to meet for the completion of a group assignment. We began each meeting by delegating and distributing tasks equally among our team members and our meeting would last for two to three hours. For example, if there was a paper due with four questions to elaborate on, each of us would be responsible for one question, and we would be responsible for putting it into paragraph form. Time management is the key to success. On the day of our meeting we would combine all of our paragraphs together into one paper based on the grading criteria by adding an introduction and a conclusion. Some members within the group have better grammar skills than others, which is a plus, and it helped ensure the paper was grammatically correct. Moreover, those team members would give us constructive feedback and allow us to improve upon our grammar skills. Each team member has a unique style of writing and by reading each other’s work we learn from each other’s mistakes. We as a team are striving for the same goal which is to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
To reach our goals as a team we need to be motivated and have a clear...

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