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I am known for slow, contemplative communication in an era of knee-jerk reactions. Even amid the anxious urgency of modern communications, I have always reveled in the art of mutual agreement arrived at through reasoned discourse and through systematically developed thought processes. I am able to present a measured response in the face of everyday stressors as well as adversities that evoke strong emotional responses in others.
I am successful at arriving at innovative solutions. This I achieve mainly by parsing and reframing problems and presenting challenges from a new perspective to those unable to view complexities the same way I do. I am able to analyze situations from the standpoints of risk, resources, and scale and see things from another person's point of view. My ability to frame and reframe also helps me tide over conflicts as I am able to recognize the backgrounds, the world views, and the capabilities that compel the behaviors and habits of the people I interact with.
I am very open to new ideas, information, and experience. I am able to consider concepts that I am unfamiliar with regardless of where this leads me, be it the joy of discovering a new valid line of thought or the satisfaction of recognizing a worthless one. I appreciate the things that are fundamentally beautiful in this world; at the same time, I absorb and metabolize ideas that are not entirely pleasant. However, I have found the fine balance between unbridled skepticism and unquestioning openness to all ideas, both of which are legitimate responses to the information overload my generation is experiencing.

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