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Reflecting on Exchange Server 2010

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Reflecting on Exchange Server 2010

Author Note This assignment is being submitted on September 18, 2013, for N234/CET2810C Section 01 Microsoft Exchange Server course.

Reflecting on Exchange Server 2010 All’s I can say is “Wow!” boy am I glad that’s over. This class has probably been the most difficult class that I have taken throughout my whole associate’s degree course. But in my defense I was taken six classes all together this term and trust me when I say this “never again”. Trying to juggle Cisco and Exchange at the same time was difficult by itself. The most important things that I have learned during my experience in this Exchange course have been, migration techniques for updating older versions of Exchange to newer versions, I also learned about the different roles associated with Exchange like the Edge Transport role which protects the users against things such as spam and viruses. The Hub Transport role which handles the flow of messaging from one place to another. I also learned about mail transfer protocols such as SMTP which is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and its used for sending messages over the internet from server to server, but when you have mail coming in from the outside and from all over the place its best to use SMPT over TLS also called SSL, SSL is used for protecting your emails with encryption one way is by using the key system. I also learned about RPC encryption which is known for protecting outlook clients from malicious attacks and keeps hackers at bay. Also HTTPS is another helpful protocol which helps provide authentication to the outlook web servers and will also protect against man in the middle attacks. I feel that the skills and knowledge I have gained when it comes to updating and securing an Exchange environment will diffidently help me in my career search as a network administrator. When a company hires someone they do because there are confident that when they ask someone to complete a task that they can do it no questions asked. After this course and the skills I have acquired I’m not completely confident enough to say that I’ve mastered Exchange Server 2010, but I am confident enough to say that after this class and with a little more practice with hands on experience that I will be adding it to my resume.

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