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Reflection Manager Interview

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Reflection Manager Interview
MGMT 3110-002 | Fall 2015 | Professor Joel Nichols | University of Memphis |November 19, 2015

Individual Experience Reflection Interviewing a manager was a great experience and I have learned a lot from it. I had interviewed a former manager and owner of a sewing shop called Alterations and her name was Norayda Bautista. It was a great learning experience by getting to know the manager’s duties and perspectives. Being a manager requires a lot of work, skills, and determination.
The first question asked on this interview was about their day-to-day duties. Bautista’s daily tasks were to assign loads of work and give instructions to get things done in time. She signed a subcontract with a clothing company and she received orders from them to sew clothing and it would be picked up on a certain day of the week. Besides assigning work and giving instructions, she also worked on scheduling employees. I also asked her what goals she and her team members had set. Bautista had set a quota to just finish all of their work by the end of the week. Their tasks depended on what their contractor from the subcontract has asked for them to sew and alter. Bautista’s strategy to achieve the goal was to teach her employees how to work and keep them on track to get work done faster. It seemed that Bautista focused on speed since schedules were usually tight. Timing and speed were two important factors.
Next question of this interview was asking if the manager had any challenges. Bautista answered that as an owner and manager she deals with challenges every day. Manager, owner or not, people face challenges all the time. Their main goal was to finish alterations on time and if they didn’t get it done on time, Bautista and all her employees would have to stay overtime. That was one of her strategies to overcome any problem. She even mentioned that teamwork was an important role as well when working in a type of environment like that one she was in.
Another question asked was about ways to motivate the employees. To motivate her employees, Bautista would make sure that they all were happy, comfortable, and in good condition. She got along with her employees and treated them well. She believed that good relationships call for good motivation. One problem she faced was when she had an employee that always showed up late for work. She respected all her employees but knew it wasn’t fair for that one employee to show up late to work while others showed up on time. She made sure that all her employees would be treated the same and the problem was soon fixed.
Norayda Bautista, in my opinion, was a good, positive, and respectful manager. She had some good leadership characteristics like having self-confidence, optimism, positivity, determination, and good energy. I guess you can say she was an authentic leader. She works with passion and has a strong belief that she and her team can work well. She connects well with her employees and they followed her.
My Managerial Style

After taking the New Manager Self Test, I have answered with mostly true for each question. I resulted in a mix of humility and will. I was a bit surprised with the results because I do believe that I am mostly humble, modest and quiet. Sometimes I have a hard time with having will power but I do believe that putting your mind to it can help succeed in whatever work is to be done. I think of myself as a servant leader because I have an interest in serving others. I guess that fits into my personality type.

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