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Reflection of Social Work Placement

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What I expected to gain from this work placement, in addition to learning new practical skills, was to further understand the role of a social worker and to help me to narrow down my career decision in the future. The most valuable thing I have gained working in a youth employment environment is learning what career path I will take. This has come from all the knowledge and practical skills I have picked up. This opportunity has also helped highlight that I am not the only one feeling lost when it comes to marking career decisions. As a result, I now have a better understanding of the working world.

During the placement period, the biggest amount of support was from the classmates. We shared the experiences and gave support to each other. Last week, I saw a Facebook status from my classmate and it was about her placement work. She said she felt sad and distressed about her case. As a result, I came up with a question in mind “is it good or not for a social worker to be affected by clients’ situation?”. I am not sure actually. My friends described me as a stone because I didn’t show any interest in anything. This is sad but true, it seemed I did not wish for many things in life. I was never addicted to any toys, games, TV dramas and so on from childhood to now. Sometimes, when my friends are jumping and screeching for some interesting things, I never showed much interest. People will say that a personality with mine is good because I will not be easily influenced by others’ emotions and experiences. However, I feel powerless and helpless to my personality in some situations. When a friend came to me, she was crying and telling me how sad she was, I could not feel or understand her emotions and instead I just pointed out her unreasonable and naïve excuses in order to change her mind. Most of the time, I do not throw myself into any relationship and...

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