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Reflection of Therepeutic Communication

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Therapeutic communication is important for nurses to build good relationships with their patients, by understanding their wants and needs, in order to achieve high-quality outcomes. Nurses must be conscientious through their interactions with patients and capable of implementing therapeutic communication techniques. Communication techniques that will be discussed are first impressions, non-verbal communication, self-awareness and self-development. Therapeutic communication techniques help support a patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

An individual’s first impression leaves a significant impact on how a patient thinks and feels (Calleja, 2013). The nurse in the video made a good first impression and reminded me how I can make good impressions with others, by presenting in appropriate uniform, making a confident stance and a clear and precise introduction. Bloomfield and Pegram (2015) believe that it is crucial to deliver high quality care by obtaining a patient’s trust through therapeutic relationships that cater for a patient’s individual needs. Presenting in a friendly and professional manner forms good rapport and sets a good standard for future interactions between the patient and the nurse.

Non-verbal communication is crucial to patient care. It allows for expression when verbal communication is not possible. As I viewed the video I was impressed by the nurse’s professionalism and clarity. The nurse first introduced herself, spoke slowly and clearly, made the patient aware of their current situation and sought confirmation from the patient. Non-verbal communication was particularly important in this instance because of the patient’s medical condition. Non-verbal communication can have a positive or negative effect on a patient’s wellbeing. Nurses need to be aware of their behaviours and the impact that they leave on the patient. If a nurse does...

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