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We started with the introduction to anatomy by defining it as the scientific discipline that investigates the structure of the body. I have discovered that there are two basic approaches to the study of anatomy are systematic (by system) and regional (by area), the latter which is more commonly used in most medical schools. And of course studying the structure is not enough, this is where physiology comes in which is the scientific discipline that deals with the processes or functions of living things. I have known homeostasis as the maintenance of the relatively constant environment in the body but it is only now that I have learned about positive and negative feedback mechanisms which maintain homeostasis and that positive homeostasis can be detrimental at times. I’ve also learned more on the anatomical terms that will be used throughout our course and maybe even in med school. In the study of cells, I was able to recall the things we have discussed in our biological science course in the previous year. I remember the three types of solution namely hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic. I also come to know more about the different movements across the cell membrane. However I was new to the transcription and translation that happens in the gene expression of a cell. I was able to associate codons of the mRNA strand with the anticodon of the tRNA. Similar to cytology, I was also able to look back on our discussions about tissues last year. I have refreshed myself on the different types of tissues such as the epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissues and including their functions. In addition, I was more knowledgeable in locating them. Our discussion in integumentary system took my knowledge about it from elementary and high school to another level. I have learned more about its functions and specific parts. One interesting part of it was about the cleavage lines where I discovered that when you make an incision parallel to the skin’s cleavage lines, it would heal faster and leave a less visible scar tissue otherwise it will heal in a longer period of time and accumulate a larger scar tissue. Lastly in our discussion of the skeletal system the volume of terms we had to memorize suddenly increased. Much like the other chapters, I was able to have a thorough understanding of it. How our bones store calcium and how they release it into the blood in order to maintain homeostasis are some of the new information I’ve acquired. I was also nice to know about how bones form and regenerate/ repair when damaged. And of course we had to memorize the 206 bones of the skeletal system for our practical examination in the phyana laboratory. We also studied the different types of joints and demonstrated in class how they move.

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