Reflection on Leadership

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Leadership is much like a quality we all know when we see it but have a difficult at times describing it. But when I think about leadership it remains me of my experience at National Wholesale as Store manager in Bridgeport with little more than fifty employees on my payroll. As a store manager I feel one reason why I had been so successful and likeable among my employees and the upper management is the way I ran and manager my store and employees.
I made use of courage, credibility and conviction to define my leadership as a store manager at National Wholesale in Bridgeport. Leaders are distinguished by their courage to lead and I belief that the most important characteristic as a true leader. I know leadership is tough because is about change, and I initiated lots of changes in the store from employee training, regular performance appraisal with constant feedback and promoting fairness and equality and rewarding hard work and dedication among my employees. Sometimes I do meet with resistance and I tried to stay the course in spite of numerous obstacles and disappointments. Leadership is all about courage, and through courage and will I press on in spite of challenges and criticisms and at the end of the day I’m always the winner.
Leadership is all about conviction and having the integrity to live by ones conviction. I tried to show strong values and beliefs and demonstrate these values and convey them to my followers. Finally is credibility, without followers, there are no leaders. So it is important for leaders to note that their credibility encourages others to join the quest, and move toward achieving the organization’s mission. I tried to be credible in the eye of my employees doing whatever I promise to do. As leaders we are in the business of getting things done in a world of chaos and change. Our…...