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Reflection On Social Work

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Freedom and rights are the measurements of social worker to determine if social justice exists in a community. The outcome of injustice increasingly widens the disparity between poverty and richness, and it reflects the flaws of institution have been rooted into the community. When the lowest levels of hierarchy are doubted their contribution to the society, who is willing to listen, understand their situations and stand up for them?

Social Justice / Against Child Abuse: I never thought about that until I was admitted to an internship program at Against Child Abuse, a non-profit organization in Hong Kong where it plays a role of handling child abuse cases. In this internship program I was placed to work in three different areas: case investigation,
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At the end of the visit, I promised to the India girl that everything she told me will be confidential. As there are many cases going on where women children’s rights and equality had been debased, it reveals the unethical values comes from their religion which tells them that women are beaten as a love of respect. My ability is so limit to against inequality and injustice, yet the career of social work empowers me to change people’s lives to be better in a way of respect and freedom. In addition, within the framework of social workers’ practices, I hope to engage in strengthening human’s relationship; protecting human’s basic rights; obligating the ethics of social workers to enhance human’s …show more content…
The culture of life in Japanese is divergent with my hometown: a single dish never can be shared in any restaurants; wearing flip-flops on the street is not respectful; shoes must be taken off before you try on your clothes in a boutique. In short, Leaving from my hometown lets me understand different context beliefs, feelings, identities, events among every country altogether tell us that our diversity is sharing different cultural aspects. As a minority of the population in Japan, I understand how culture takes part in influencing people’s lives and I embrace the nature of social diversity.

Theories / psy teaching assistant: A degree of psychology definitely helps me to qualify the career of social work. I learned how to diagnose different types of abnormal disorders and the treatments; I learned how social context influences our interactions with others; I learned how human being process their language, perception, problem solving on a cognitive approach; I

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