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In this activity, my teammates firstly discussed to make the task clearer. Then, on one hand, we allocated roles considering both potential capacity and what they are good at. On the other hand, those two who knew tasks better were chosen as leaders and others were researchers. Next, all my group mates participated in analyzing, searching and working according to the prescriptive task and made a final decision. When contradiction occurred in the talking stage, both sides represented their statements and others listened to select a better one or combination of both.

Comparing with the previous activity, first of all, everyone in the team knew others better and worked much comfortably, which decreased the probability of conflicts. Secondly, we arranged roles and tasks based on different characteristics, abilities and responsibilities of different persons, not only just potential capacity, but also the role and assignment he or she was appropriate for and preferred to do respectively. Consequently, each person found the best location and did their work much effectively. Moreover, task for each one was more compact and correlative, not distributed by random. So everyone did their work much independently and structurally.

I was a leader that I was delighted with and I believe that I’m qualified. I participated in discussing and thinking, held meetings where my team mates could reflect their working rate of process and questions that could be solved immediately. Furthermore, all the work was supervised and completed duly. In this activity, I learned how to identify everyone’s ability and allocate the best role for them. I found a way to cheer my friends up and realized how to get along with others better and more concordant, which would lead works to be finished much efficiently. Moreover, based on Tyson (1998, p.121), “in the course of a conflict, new situations can arise that require the establishment of new rules and norms or the modification of existing ones, and these processed can increase group learning and effectiveness”, a peaceful method for settling contradiction has been sought for to make the team more consolidated.

In accounting industry where is full of huge workload, allocating tasks and roles accurately is a necessary term to improve quality and progress of working. As a team member, I will communicate and cooperate with others in an active manner. I’m willing to assist team members with making personal habits to look for things that can help them to express individuality and purpose in day-to-day work (Frehse, 2003). In addition, disputes must be settled timely and reasonably. What’s more, making group does job with a high enthusiasm and in a good mood is the key to triumph. I deem that what I have learned will be a treasure for me in the future.

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