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Reflection on What I Learned from the Information Technology Course and Project

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Reflection on what I learned from the Information Technology Course and Project Jonathan Balarama Keita Thongsook College BA TESOL

REFLECTION: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Reflection on what I learned from the Information Technology Course and Project To begin with a definition, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, Information Technology is ‘the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data’. Information Technology is a vast subject and it is quite interesting. The course The ICT course was not really difficult, as I had a very good knowledge about the different types of technologies that were presented, but the idea of adapting them to my classroom got me thinking. Although, I have used technology in my classroom before, now I


have new ideas and skills to do a better job. In class I was given many different materials such as the different ways to use mobile phones, tablets or computers in the classroom. A brave new world talks about how the new generation have different ways of doing things and most importantly learning, which makes a lot of sense to me because I am not very old myself and I love to practically do or understand something, which I find helps to a greater extent in learning. More than half the world uses some sort of software based technology and the numbers are rising every day, so keeping technology away from the classroom is not the key, but integrating it into the learning process where the learners can make use of the technology to learn and explore knowledge, as well as learn how to use and work with technology. We watched a couple of videos in class and one of them showed how children can use technology to learn in way that keeps them motivated and interested, and were also able to share their learning and projects with the world, this was Salman Khan on TED. Another video showed how children are very practical, meaning if a practical and interesting piece of information was put before them; they were able

REFLECTION: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY to learn it, no matter what language or level it was. This last video is called ‘Build a School in the Cloud’. A lesson using technology1 When I started doing this project I already had knowledge in using Microsoft PowerPoint. I did not experiment in any other platforms though. My skills were not perfect and I experimented in using animation and transition. Me and my group member decided to direct the lesson towards young learners, preferably Kindergarteners, as the both of us have already taught classes with learners of this age. We based the lesson on basic weather vocabulary and structure. It


incorporates one sentence structure and a handful of vocabulary words. First, we set up the basic structure of the presentation and inputted the content, added the pictures and played with font. After this it was animation time, we started with the title page where the pictures were animated to move in a circle. First experience in doing this, I was surprised and proud. The rest of the slides only have transitional effects until the game. This is another great achievement. The game is based on a classic ‘choose the correct answer’; basically the children have to watch a video about a weather forecast and then remember how the weather was in an area of the world and answer the question. The game also has an interactive (word) to it. One students is asked to mouse click on the circle that is next to the correct answer, once a circle is touched, a sound and pictures appears and tells everyone whether the answer is correct or incorrect. After the game I added a special slide containing a local video showing the current weather, at this point the same question is asked and the students have to speak using the correct vocabulary and sentence structure, the first one to answer receives a prize. The videos used in the lesson were hyperlinked into the presentation, saving the need to stop the presentation and going to file manager.

REFLECTION: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY What I learned from the project. This project showed me how to be imaginative and creative using technology in classrooms. As we had a limited time frame, I had to think fast and work quickly as well. Sometimes being a teacher, it is required to fill in for another teacher or even create activities right away. So, training in being quick has many benefits. I also learned to be more patient and understanding when working in a group. What I could have changed in the project. I would have added a recording of my voice to certain areas in the presentation. This would have helped me to speak less and also have the children hear different voices with similar structure.


After taking the course on Information Technology, I have been working with technology more, experiencing, experimenting and perfecting my skills. Using technology in classrooms can have a very good effect on the lessons, involvement of the students and the learning process, at the same way getting the learners ready for the future, where technology every one’s lives.

REFLECTION: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY References Merriam-Webster, n.d Web. (2014). "Information Technology." . Khan, Salman. (2011). Let's use video to reinvent education. Talk on TED. Mitra, Sugata. (2013). Build a school in the cloud. Talk on TED.


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