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Art Reflection Paper
Pop Culture and the Arts
October 10, 2011
Art Reflection paper
Art can be expressed in many ways. Art is seen in every aspect of our lives. The way people dress, wear their hair, makeup, and even the type of car they drive is a form of art. Artist use various ways to express art by the way they dray, the colors they use, creativity , and the style that they use to create fullness or dullness in the pictures. In this paper, I will discuss what art means to me. Next, I will elaborate on how art and culture relate. Finally, I will give two examples that illustrate how art and American culture relate.
What Art Means to Me
I think that art is a representation of a person’s inner feelings at that particular time. Art is more than just a painting on a canvass, it can be the lyrics of a song, the clothes that a person wears, a play, a poem, and even a hairstyle can be a form of art. Art is not something that can be duplicated or copied in its entirety. For example s writer can write a book and then a producer make a movie out of the book but the two will not be the same.
How Does Art and Culture Relate
Culture and art relate because art is formed and developed based on a person’s culture. Each culture has a certain style, certain foods that they eat, and a certain way they behave. Art is influenced by cultures. Different cultures have different views and often see the world differently from others. The quote “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is one example of how art and culture relate.
Two Examples of How Art and American Culture Relate
America has a very diverse and unique culture. We are the melting pot of the universe. One example of how art relates to the American culture is churches and religion. Inside of churches there are many different forms of art in the paintings, the statues, the architecture, and cathedral…...