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Genesis Reyes
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Christine Payne
28 January 2010
Reflection Paper 1
I was born into a middle class family that lives within one of the most smallest and “hick” towns known to mankind. About 20,000 people populate little Hollister, California. Right about now, there might be thoughts going through your head of “ Oh Hollister, like the store?” No, I do not live in a clothing store. Hollister is actually the exact opposite of what it is believed to be by the advertising of the clothing store. Nonetheless, there is only one local high school that serves the whole San Benito County, which not only includes Hollister, but a few other cities as well. When I graduated this past year in June, there were 1,639 students in my graduating class.
Each day when I attended school, even from the beginning of my high school career starting from when I was a freshman, the class sizes would never be less then 40 students. If sticking to the idea that 25 students per classroom is ideal for student centered learning, San Benito High School is obviously lacking in this area. Now that I begin to think of my high school classroom experiences, they were never fun. My history classes would seriously; give handouts that would be filled with just a list of dates and my instructor would tell the class to memorize them. Little to none of a story was ever told in regards to any important historical event.
I never found myself to ever genuinely be excited to attend class because of the certain teachers that wouldn’t allow further discussions into a topic. Of course with me being the little “Nerd” that I like to keep hidden about myself, I would try to research certain things so that I could gain deeper insight. I have my own “drive,” my own “thirst,” for knowledge I guess you could say. I enjoy talking with others about their ideas and their opinions on certain issues so…...