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Dissertation Topic: The impact of services training on front-line staff’s performance: A case study of Southern Bank

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Phung Minh Duc Nguyen Xuan Oanh 000812245

Submission date: 25th August, 2014


Nguyen Xuan Oanh – 000812245 – BM097

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It can be noticed that conducting a dissertation provides a chance for students to research extensively and complete their own original work. From my point of view, it is designed to enable me to acquire all the insights and knowledge regarding to the training and development function as well as develop analytical, writing and judgmental skills. To be successfully producing the dissertation, I have to express skills in respect of critically assessing published information, demonstrating arguments and analyzing primary data to present a structured evaluation of a chosen research topic. Thus, the dissertation can be considered as the mechanism that allow me to gain valuable experiences in synthesizing theory, published studies, constructing methodological approaches, the proper selection and application of various methods, and analysis. I personally think that every aspect of the study has brought to me different and challenging experiences. Some sections of the research had been simple and interesting whereas others which I went through with much difficulties. To begin with, the first challenge is choosing a researchable topic, identifying the suitable research questions and establishing appropriate research methodology. In addition, throughout the study, I have to recognize the significance of remaining the key research questions and objectives in focus while writing various chapters so that I can avoid being sidetracked. Moreover, during the writing process, I have faced a challenge of quite...

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