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Reflection of Bla-2006 on Ngo's

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9G A4Ap". /qS A=9=JB K=V/ B V9 =R7 K99=.L U J6 %IJ4J J,q K64?q6 9J %J K/= 8=; 9J 6;M6J 9G BJ= K9/=. UB8J'/ 7’K/v]J76 9G :K9@p /BK9> B V/ U J6 A4Ap /Tq 'L96 9L;J= '6p K7’K;EJ; 7’4JV6= 6M;K/= ?/qJK4 ¢J4? 5pJVE= 5L6• K?{J5L6 9pKy= K69qJ%6 9G K?{J5L6/J %NKy= ?/qJK4 K?{J5L6"V.= ?S`!>J >pJ. /ˆiJ95J6 9G K6Ee•. Al©K q/ 7“K/ K?{J5L6"V.= 7’K?{. Al©V q ;JK> /qS ={.LE U= V,q= 8=; 7p'6 :JV9 7’K?{. A;J7V6= 7= 7’4ˆ 7’/pE67Š 9G 9p9BJK= 9G /JKˆi 7=L{J= ;J6 K65qJ=.O

) The Motor Vehicles (Drivers) Ordinance, 1942 (V of * + , . / 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ;

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$ % & ' (

The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 (VIII of 1923); The Children (Pledging of Labour) Act, 1933 (II of 1933); The Workmen’s Protection Act, 1934 (IV of 1935); The Dock Labourers Act, 1934 (XIX of 1934); The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 (IV of 1936); The Employer’s Liability Act, 1938 (XXIV of 1938); The Employment of Children Act, 1938 (XXVI of 1938); The Maternity Benefit Act, 1939 (IV of 1939); The Mines Maternity Benefit Act, 1941 (XIX of 1941); 211

1942); The Maternity Benefit (Tea Estate) Act, 1950 (XX of 1950); The Employment (Records of Service) Act, 1951(XIX of 1952); The Bangladesh Plantation Employees Provident Fund Ordinance, 1959 (XXXI of 1959); The Coal Mines (Fixation of Rates of Wages) Ordinance, 1960 (XXXIX of 1960); The Road Transport Workers Ordinance, 1961 (XXVII of 1961); The Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961 (XXXIV of 1961); The Plantation Labour Ordinance, 1962 (XXIX of 1962); The Apprenticeship Ordinance, 1962 (LVI of 1962); The Factories Act, 1965 (IV of 1965); The Shops and Establishment Act, 1965 (VII of 1965); The Employment of Labour (Standing Orders) Act, 1965 (VIII of 1965); The Companies Profits (Worker’s Participation) Act, 1968 (XII of 1968); The Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969 (XXIII of 1969); The Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service) Act. 1974 (XXX of 1974); Ges The Dock Workers (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1980 (XVII of 1980).

y=R7 =KB/ =. AVˆi y U J6 =KB/ J V6= 5L6• T/ U J6 J' ;q 39J 7’.L/ U J6 K9K5 7’K95J6 9J vZL; 39J 'J=L T/ U J6 JV4? K9‚K˜ 9J 7’‚J76 39J K6VEJ" T/ U J6

U%EJ=;pJ6 A4Ap 9J ;q /qJ 39J "K+/ U J6 J4J>/ *rJ 9Mp6J> U9J,q K;K* 9J /BK9> 39J 7’4ˆ U J6 U6JK*? 39J U=K'K¦r T/ U J6 U*r, K6E6 9J U8,JV=?6 39J K69qJK%/ U J6 UEJ ".p B V9 ! J 6 7’9/qV6= /JK=V! U J6 J4J>/ 9J *rJ 9Mp6JV> K9%J=J5L6 U J6 ;J;>J 9J J/ 9J *rJ 9Mp6JV> %J>M 3JK V9 9G /F /qS 6J6L K6u©Kˆ =J B V9 UG$ *< Aoo J V6= ;P> 7J+ 9JG>JV/ B V9 9G GV='LV/ BJ= K* 6PK4/ K6:q=VJ• :E 7JVE= 7J/J 7’K| ;pJ> B V/ 7JVE= U"JCJK> 9G JG}K>= {N4r BJVC= "’Ke] 7J• :E 7JVE= A > JG}> 7JVE= U"JCJK>= BJVC= AKB/ JG}V>= {N4r BJVC= "’Ke]= AGV BJ=JV6J• K,A*J> B V/ 7’K| ;pJ> f*J=V8>J6K'VE> "’Ke] 7 JG}> BJ=JV6J• U J;V== K6;g:J" B V/ JK*EJ U8>J• U J;V== K6;g:J" B V/ ;6:JV9 JK*EJ U8>J J= 7= 9K?¢ G? Ul2JE U"’* U*rJ%Jf*JV== "’:J" B V/ UAKf*K;*JV== K5 K e\ ;5p =^= 9JKBV= 6J BE• U J;V== K6;g:J" B V/ ;6:JV9 JK*EJ U8>J J= 7= 9K?¢ G? Ul2JE U"r* U*rJ%Jf*JV== "’:J" B V/ UAKf*K;*JV== K5 6J BE• ;5p =^ B V/ BIJ*N= 6LV% U8>J• UAKf*K;*J= 7J• BJ/ 9J 7J BJ=JV6J• :E U%JV!= 4SK¢ ?Ky ;6 7K=;JV. BJ=JV6J • :E 7J 9J =^ JK*EJ U8>J 39J 7JV?= 7J 9J =^ JK*EJ U8>J 9G U< U J6 7J BJ=JV6J• ;M!J9EV9= ;J=J/m K9 TK/• Al©P.q 9K5=/J• JK*EJ U8>J= #*6J 7V== G" U< U J6 9Jª IJV5= U'JCJ 7J• IJV5= 6LV% ;6:JV9 JK*EJ U8>J UVz6V6= "’:JV"= UAKf*K;*JV== ; 7J• BJ/ 39J 9S“JG}K> 9G BJV/= %J=K* JG}> BJ=JV6J 39J K>Vz6V6= "’:JV"= UAKf*K;*J= 6L% B V/ JK*EJ U8>J• 9S“JG}K> BJ=JV6J•






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BIJ*N= 6LV% ;6:JV9 JK*EJ U8>J J J B V/ 7JVE= U"JCJK>= BJVC= AKB/ JG}V>= {N4r BJVC= "’Ke] 7J• 7JVE= U"JCJK>= BJVC= AKB/ JG}V>= {N4r BJVC= "’Ke] 7 JG}> BJ=JV6J• )X K;K?r/ U J6 UK>EJ;'J/ K9@KzEJ O J9q6 ;V6J| J , O E>J !K6 ?rK; "V.= K8 V;J K6 KAA

O 8AV'6'J/ K9@KzEJ O U7?J"/ pJ—J= O J VAJKAVE6JK*A 'J/ K9@KzEJ O K9@KzEJ'J/ 9Sw 7’4JB O l©6 'K6/ U7?J"/ 9pJK5O



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F*2< $ ,X ?y {M4r U>J; 'e\= ;S/V4B 39J 7K=/pJy G? K6EJ J' K=V/ BE ! pJ63rJ| U=JV" JzJeb U J6 'e\ AGzJeb J' K=V/ BE 39J " U J6 7.p 4r9p +JV6J 6J;JV6J 39J 7K=9BV6= AGV" AGK?§¢ J' K=V/ BEO AG NK%/ 9JEMV/ U J6 7’KzEJ %J>JV6J= J'O ALAJ U*…J K3> 9p9BJ= =J BE ;6 U J6 7’KzEJ= U J6 J'O 6J *rJA U5IJEJ= AloMV! 6mMy B V/ BE ;6 U J6 7’KzEJE J'O ;pJG"JK6' 39J ;pJG"JK6' K;K?r/ U J6 9vbM 39J ;pJG"JK6' JV& ;6 U J6 9vb 9p9BJ= =J 6JCJ %JCJ =J 39J BJ B V/ K‰/ U5IJEJ 5P>J 9J 9JVu©= AloMV! 6mMy B V/ BE ;6 U J6 J' =JO J9q6 9J AJ>8J , 39J J9q6 9J AJ>8J , K;K?r/ U J6 9vM\ 39J O UzJ;'J/ {/ 9J BJ= 7K=.J;O

U*r…JV8tJK=K36 JV& ;6 U J6 9v\ 9p9BJ= =J 9J 6JCJ %JCJ =J 39J BJ JV& =R7 U J6 9Ju© 9J U5IJEJ= AloM!L6 B V/ BE ;6 U J6 J' =JO L*6J? 92 @5 &CJV6J= U J6 J'O

O L*6J? 'J/ K9@KzEJO O U>7V*JAK7=J V*V=J KBV;J U=K' J'J/ AGz;.O O K,K6V*rJV86> 9J UBJV;>"'J/ K9@KzEJO

I4M= 5MpK@/ v]JV6 J' =JO K,K6V*rJV86> 9J BJ= A4S? U J6 9v\ 9p9BJ= 9J 6JCJ %JCJ =J 39J BJ B V/ K‰/ U5IJEJ 9J 9JVu©= AloM!L6 B V/ BE =R7 U J6 J' =JO *rJ KzKA> 8AV8* JV& ;6 U J6 9v\ 9p9BJ= 9J 6JCJ %JCJ =J 39J BJ B V/ K‰/ U5IJEJ 9J 9JVu©= AloM!L6 B V/ BE =R7 U J6 J' =JO UzJ; 'J/ KA, UzJV;* 39J V;JK6EJV;= 9J VzJV;* 7*JK?EJ; UAJK,EJ; 39J 4vbJ 39J A9 9vbM ”J=J W/=L 9v\M 9J K;?r. 9p9BJ= =J 9J 6JCJ %JCJ =J= J'O "K>/

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O *rJ KzKA> 8AV8*'J/ K9@KzEJO

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9J ˆ˜ 5J/N B V/ K9_&MK=/ JV>J _&*J 9J U%J! (>AJV6J JV>J B V/ AGz;.O O U9K=>K>EJ;'J/ K9@KzEJO

B V/ K9_&MK=/ JV>J _&*J 9J U%J! (>AJV6J JV>J= AloMV! #6 #6 9J 4L#q{. 3JK V/ BE ;6 U J6 J'O U9K=>K>EJ; 39J U9K=>K>EJ; K;K?r/ U J6 9v\ 39J U9K=>K>EJ; JV& ;6 U J6 9v\ 9p9BJ= =J 6JCJ %JCJ =J 39J BJ B V/ K‰/ U5IJEJ 5P>J 9J 9JVu©= AloMV! 6mMy B V/ BE ;6 U J6 J' =JO ;6 U J6 J=!J6JE J' U6 K=EJ K6V > 7’v\/ =J BE 9G y=R7 7’KzEJ 9J /FAGzJeb 6p U J6 7’KzEJ 7K=%J>6J= '6p U J6 :9V6 J' =J= 7’VEJ'6 BEO ;6 U J6 :9V6 J' U8J U=73J >J;J 6 39J U9*J6pJ73J >J;J 6 U96K',J 6 39J BJV4= U J6 >9. =J;J 6 39J U;V'6*J ! 7pJ=J K>§K!/ U J6 9v\ 9p9BJ= 9J 6JCJ %JCJ =J= J' 39J y=R7 U J6 K'K6@ 9p9«/ BE 39J 9JKB= BE =R7 U J6 7’KzEJE J'O ALAJ U*r*rJ K3> 9p/L/ ALAJ 9J BJ= ”J=J F7JK4/ 9J AGK;K?r/ U J6 K'K6V@= 9p9BJ= BE =R7 U J6

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O 6JV = K(K>§= U?§uoJE J=KAV6J;J 9J 9J/JVA= AV• AJ 6JA 39J 9rJG JA 9J 8NA8NVA= 7’J3K; J=KAV6JV;JO

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!J>JA 'iJ>J6L U9J(J K6;qJ. U;=J;/ :JGK"EJ U8>J 7K=uZJ= 39J =G U4 EJ= JV' K6J;J> U9J(J 9J !J>JA =J= '6p 9p9«/ 7K=9B6 7K=%J>6J= JV' K6VEJK'/ JV&6 %…"’J; 39J ;G>J 9f4V= / "JCLV/ ;J> +JV6J 6J;JV6J= JV' K6VEJK'/ JV&6 K6;gK>K!/ 5=V6= K6;qJ. U;=J;/ 39J :JGK"EJ U8>J= JV' K6VEJK'/ JV&6 V8J6 >J 6 9J !IMK* 39J :J=VB, W94MpK/ >J 6 9J pJ9> 9J BJ= '6p !IMK* v]J76 U;=J;/ ={.JV9{. 39J 6J;J EJ U8>J= JV' K6VEJK'/ JV&6 U =J6L KBAJV9 K6 7J 7 >J 6 39J 7EH7’.J>L K6;qJ. 9J KzEJ V;q 9J U;=J;/ 39J :JGK"EJ U8>J= JV' K6VEJK'/ JV&6 4; > 9JKB6L= U J6 JV' K6VEJK'/ JV&6 U=> VE= AV• %NKy Al©J46 J=L U J6 9pKy /qS %NKy Al©J4V6= '6p A=JAK= 9J U J6 7 K+ J4JV== ;J5pV; U=> VEV/ K6VEJK'/ JV&6 U=> VE U; > AJK:qVA U J6 7K=4?q U; > "J,q A*qJ= 9J :pJ6 K7E6 KBAJV9 K6J 9B6 {;/J Al©6g U J6 U8=L U9J* %J>6J= JV' K6VEJK'/ JV&6 U =J6L KBAJV9 K6 7’4J6 =J B V9 /V9 U;EJ4 U J6 U{VŠ 4M 9FAV== K5 B V9 6JO = . JV4? U"V'V*= K/K=y AG!pJ= BV/ 6G 7S£JE 7’ JK?/ 9JG>JV4? ?r; J 6 AJV6= 6G J 6 = 5J=J = 7 5J=J $ = 7V= :M>9?/H ?/qJG? &J7J B EJV&O {V. y J V6= 5J=J = 7 5J=J $ = E 7GKyV/ 9Kv]/ ••H• K%¬K*= 7K=9V/q ••O• K%¬K* 7KCV/ B V9 9G y 7 5J=J $ = ?/qJG?K* K9>M˜ B V9O U ; =K8 N> A>J; 7 AK%9 7 K6Ee• O
U ; =K8 N> A>J; 7 AK%9 7 K6Ee• 9JG>JV4? A= J=L ;M4r.J>< -J J /Tq ;MK4r/O V;J JK;6 'MV9=L J>; 7 K6Ee• 9JG>JV4? 8=; 7’ J?6J K8A V/'"IJ -J J /Tq 7r JK?/O ;P>p *J J



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