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Reflection of Techniques

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RA3 – Reflection of techniques
Barometer of confidence
+Using a scale system helped me identify what current level I felt I was.

+Open questioning for the analysis of current level enabled me to explain why I felt I was at the current level stated and give examples to reinforce the level indicated.

-The scale system though is relatively vague in regards to numbers and their value. It is through interpretation of their value in regards to how confident you are rather than a systematic and calculated approach. This means the level you suggest you are currently achieving could be over or under the realistic level.

-Answering is subjective and could have an element of bias. There are no set criteria to base the level and descriptive answering on.

Learning Styles Questionnaire
+Questions asked reinforce a particular learning style when answers are collated, to make the claim to be stronger in a particular learning style more valid.
+Questions can be related to the careers work that I do and therefore indicate the learning styles I tend to use in appointments.
-Questions can be interpreted in a variety of situations, so the answers given may not truly reflect the learning styles being used.
-Final scoring of answers given doesn’t indicate the scale of which a learning style is used. It is only an indication and further analysis would need to be used to definitively suggest the learning styles more suited to an individual. My results are fairly even and don’t indicate a clear learning style that is used...

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